Our Story

Humble beginnings: Kevin Fake began selling topsoil in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania to address the lack of good mulch and other landscape supplies in the area. At that point in 2013, Kevin made it his mission to locate and create the highest quality products possible, next introducing his own local mulch. He then vowed to gather other superb quality offerings for the products contractors would use most often. It continues to be the mission of Keel-Mar to create top-notch landscaping materials and provide contractor supplies that we are proud to sell because we use them ourselves.

Added Locations: Those initial Keel-Mar mulch and topsoil products created a demand almost immediately. To fulfill new requests, Keel-Mar Materials has steadily grown. Now operating in two locations, both are nestled in the southern end of York County. Fully stocked with a wide variety of landscaping and hardscaping supplies, we strive to improve our service, educate our staff, and keep on pace with the ever-changing industry.

Expanded Products: As of Fall 2019, our growth continued with the acquisition of Mighty Oak Mulch Company in Red Lion, Pennsylvania. This 30-acre facility now gives us the capability to grow and continue production of the highest quality mulch and soil products. Open to contractors as well as the general public, we offer pick up and delivery of bulk mulch from this location.